Two atoms collide with each other while trying to board a train.

The first atom asks, "Are you alright?" "No, I lost an electron!" the other replied glumly. "You sure?" "Yes, I'm positive, he replied."

Smart Fuel Cells - What's so smart about them?

A Fuel Cell is a device that converts the chemical energy of a fuel directly into electrical energy. Unlike steam-powered generator system, the fuel cell does not first convert chemical energy into mechanical energy.

Fuel cells, like electric cells (batteries), have no moving parts. Unlike electric cells, fuel cells use outside materials in producing an electric current. Fuel cells are very efficient in converting the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy. However, for most applications they are too expensive to compete with conventional methods of producing electricity. Their main use is on spacecraft and to provide power at remote locations on earth.

The difference between Fuel Cells and Batteries

Fuel cells are similar to batteries in a lot of ways, using chemical reactions to produce electrical energy. Unlike batteries, however, fuel cells don't go dead; as long as a fuel source is available, a fuel cell can continue to produce energy.

A fuel cell uses a fuel, usually hydrogen, and an oxidizer, usually oxygen (or air), to produce direct-current power. A typical fuel cell contains two electrodes, in the form of metallic screens, separated by a material saturated with an electrolyte, such as potassium hydroxide. Hydrogen is supplied to one screen, oxygen to the other. Chemical reactions between the electrolyte and each of the gases creates a voltage between the electrodes. Water is formed as a by-product of the reactions

Smart Fuel Cells - The new generation.

The latest fuel cells, named Smart Fuel Cells, offer several advantages over older fuel cell and battery technology.

For one thing, they're up to 80 percent lighter and come with replacement fuel cartridges to keep the cell going. Smart Fuel Cells, like most fuel cells, also operate very quietly.

Unlike many other fuel cells, Smart Fuel Cells operate at a fairly low temperature, making them suitable for all kinds of use.

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