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Everyday Chemistry - Global warming and greenhouse gases

The earth is surrounded by an envelope of gases called atmosphere. These layers of gases include gases called Greenhouse gases. It is these gases that make living on our planet possible.

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History & Future - Catching CO2

We all know the ill effects of too much CO2 being in the atmosphere. This is the gas that primarily contributes to the phenomenon of global warming. The problem is that though man is producing more and more CO2 everyday how does one actually catch the CO2 we emit and what do we do with it once we do so.

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History & Future - When the ice melts in Greenland!

You may have observed that when you leave an ice cube outside, it starts to melt and turn into water. This is because the temperature outside your freezer is much higher. Imagine then what the effect of global warming will be to those places that are full of ice. One such place is Greenland, which has lost 1500 cubic kilometres between the year 2000 and 2008.

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History & Future - The Many Ages of Ice

We've heard scientists telling us that global warming is causing the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean to melt. Did you know that these ice sheets hold some secret stories in them? It's the story of how our earth's atmosphere changed over many millions of years!

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History & Future - The Hydrogen Economy

Today, we rely on carbon-based fuels for almost all our energy needs. Coal is used for electricity and petroleum products for moving vehicles. But these cause pollution and global warming. Many scientists and economists have suggested moving to a hydrogen-based economy.

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History & Future - Shale Gas: Naughty or Nice?

We live in a world where petroleum and coal are getting rarer and more expensive. We also know they contribute to global warming. Experts are now looking towards other sources of fuel like shale gas. Let's try and understand more.

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History & Future - Why life needs a Goldilocks Planet

You'll have heard the fairy tale of Goldilocks - the girl who ate the Little Bear's Soup because it was neither too hot nor too cold. Well, life needs a planet just like that - neither too hot, nor too cold.

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Famous Scientists - Svante Arrhenius

Svante Arrhenius was one of the first chemists in the field of physical chemistry. He was the first person to discover the effect of global warming. His experiments focus on the effect of the doubling of the amount of carbon dioxide gas on the environment. Even today the issue of global warming is still debated and extensive research is conducted in this field.

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Famous Scientists - James Lovelock

Today, we know that CFCs threaten the earth by destroying the ozone hole. For this knowledge, we must thank James Lovelock, who first detected that CFCs were being released into the atmosphere.

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Famous Scientists - Paul Crutzen

While the role of CFCs in depleting the ozone layer is well-known, there are many other gases that deplete ozone and act as greenhouse gases. The role of these gases was explained by Paul Crutzen, who got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995.

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