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History & Future - Celebrating World Environment Day

Chemical science has done much in the previous century to benefit humans - from creating new drugs, creating exciting new materials and discovering the basis of life. But as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. And the biggest responsibility is to protect the environment.

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History & Future - From Tragedy to Triumph at Montreal

You may have heard of the dangerous hole in the ozone layer. Have you wondered how it came to be? And how countries are trying to plug it? That is the story of the Montreal Protocol.

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History & Future - The Many Ages of Ice

We've heard scientists telling us that global warming is causing the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean to melt. Did you know that these ice sheets hold some secret stories in them? It's the story of how our earth's atmosphere changed over many millions of years!

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Famous Scientists - James Lovelock

Today, we know that CFCs threaten the earth by destroying the ozone hole. For this knowledge, we must thank James Lovelock, who first detected that CFCs were being released into the atmosphere.

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Famous Scientists - Frank Rowland and Mario Molina

In 1987, countries around the world agreed upon the Montreal Protocol, a treaty to eliminate chemicals which deplete the ozone layer. Frank Rowland and Mario Molino deserve the credit for this, for they showed exactly how CFCs destroy ozone.

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Famous Scientists - Paul Crutzen

While the role of CFCs in depleting the ozone layer is well-known, there are many other gases that deplete ozone and act as greenhouse gases. The role of these gases was explained by Paul Crutzen, who got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995.

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