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How Body Piercings Evolved?

You may be surprised to know that body piercings have existed since thousands of years. Let us find out the history of body piercings.

Today, we see many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities adorning body piercings. Most of them carry a belly button while some of them have a tongue piercing. While some of us do adore these style statements and wish to get body piercings done for ourselves some day, do you know that body piercing have existed since ages?

You may be surprised to know, however, this is a fact that body piercings are not new, they have existed since thousands of years; it is just that they have come into the limelight recently. Let us find out the history of body piercings.

How Body Piercings Evolved?

Nose piercing dates its origin back in the Middle East around 4000 years ago. It came to India in the 16th century and was brought by the Mogul Emperors. It is believed in ayurveda that piercing nose, especially the left nostril acts as acupuncture and helps in easy child birth.

The practice of piercing nose is still practiced in parts of Africa. According to the African tribes, the size of the nose ring denotes the wealth of the family. The husband gifts the wife a nose ring after marriage and it is considered as a security in case of a divorce.

In fact piercings have signified socio-politic status in ancient times. From nipple to belly buttons, every piercing signified a status. For example, septum and nipple piercings symbolised the strength of the Roman gladiators while belly buttons were permitted only to God-like figures like the Pharaoh. Any one of lower status showcasing a belly button was executed and punished.

In fact, body piercings have been mentioned in the Bible as well. According to the Old Testament, body jewellery is a mark of wealth and beauty.

How Body Piercings are done today

Today, this art has undergone several changes and has improved over the years. Nowadays almost every person has a body piercing and unlike earlier times, it is no longer restricted to status. Body piercings have become extremely popular especially in Western countries and this culture is slowly seeping in the Asian countries as well.

Today, piercings are done by professionals using special piercing machines and are done on fleshy areas like ear lobes, tongue, belly button and nose. The pain depends on the body part where you intend to get the piercing done. Genital and nipple piercings can be more painful compared to other body parts as these areas are sensitive as compared to others. Some body piercing professionals may administer local anaesthesia in case you are scared of the pain factor.

Post the administration of the anaesthesia, the desired metal like silver or rhodium plated jewellery is inserted.

Here is an interesting video to help you know how body piercings are done

Post body piercing, you need to follow the instructions that the piercing professional gives you in order to make sure that the piercing is in place and you do not end up with any kind of infection. With so many types of piercings and tattoos, people have a lot to display when it comes to body art and definitely it is becoming a craze among the youngsters.


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