Which element never completes its homework?


Hospitals being cleaned by UV light robot

Humans v/s Machines Humans 0 Machines 1. Humans v/s Robots Human 0 Robots 1...and so it continues

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Audi creates new "green" fuel

We are moving towards greener drives, thanks to innovation by industry leaders.

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Wristband to tackle Depression

A recent study in New York states that a wristband that can record motion throughout a 24 hour-cycle may be a great aid in treating depression.

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What's the colour of your window?

Weather could be a deciding factor of smart windows. Researchers have come up with a tinted glass that changes colour by harvesting energy from wind and precipitation.

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New Ointment to heal Diabetic skin wounds quicker.

In a place like the US, where type 2 diabetics is constantly on the rise, more than one-fifth of the population in the country have chronic, non-healing skin wounds, where many undergo amputation.

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All in the Salts......

Previous studies showed airier, fluffier breads do taste saltier to testers.

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Wine tastes different from a glass that is shaped a certain way.

Wine scientist Regis Gougeon, from the famous Burgundy University, France says the work is interesting when considering its experimental setup and shows an inexpensive & straightforward detection of Ethanol.

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A simple needle prick can predict a women's risk of being receptive to breast cancer

According to the WHO, breast cancer is the most common cause of women's cancer both in the developed and less developed world.

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High performance Aluminium batteries an alternative to Conventional batteries

The new aluminum-ion battery could replace many of the lithium-ion and alkaline batteries in wide use today.

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Soy - good to eat, bake and clean oil spills.

Scientists discovered a new role for this all-purpose substance - dispersing crude oil spills.

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